Accommodation in the guesthouse in the Vysočina

Beautiful accommodation, good food, cycling, skiing - all in the untouched nature of the Protected Landscape Area Žďárské vrchy in the Vysočina region.

                   Where to find us?

The reconstructed guest house is located in the center of the scenic village of Fryšava pod Žákovou Horou, in the middle of the beautiful and untouched nature of the protected landscape area Žďárské vrchy, in the Vysočina region. In the immediate vicinity of the village there are many sports activities. In the winter months, it is mainly maintained cross-country trails that start right next to the house and an excellent location for snowkitting. The Highlands Arena (Biathlon) is 6 km away. In the summer months, there are countless cycling routes. In the vicinity of the Vysočina arena are very popular "Single track" and "Pump track" tracks for mountain bikes.

                  Little bit of history.

Accommodation has been operating in the pension since 1890. At that time, it was still in Šín's inn, the birthplace of the composer and professor of the Prague Conservatory, Otakar Šín. In the 1920s, our grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Prokop, bought the building from Šín. After nationalization in the 1950s, the owners were employed by the state-owned Jednota in their former house, and it was not until the 1960s that they definitively abandoned hospitality services. This is where the era of the famous inn "U Olišarů" ends. After the return of the property in 1990, several tenants have taken turns in the building to date. In 2017, the reconstruction of accommodation began.

Why Stanice lyžařů?

In 1911, the Skiers' Station was established in the then Šín Inn in Fryšava by the New Town Ski Club. From that time, until the end of the grandparents' business, a station diary was kept here. The first registered guest was the then best Czech skier and ski instructor Bohumil Hanč, who two years later, at Easter 1913, tragically died at the Krkonoše Fifty.

Why come to us right now?

Untouched nature of the PLA

The guesthouse  at 708 m above sea level, in the middle of dense forests of the Protected Landscape Area in the Vysočina region.

New modern accommodation

For an undisturbed stay, the accommodation is separated from the restaurant. The partitions of the rooms are soundproof.

Up on you!

You can choose between a room or an apartment with a kitchenette. You can cook it yourself or have it served.

Vysočina aréna NMNM

We are 6 km from the venue of major world sports events.

Family friendly

Park with playground next to the house. Children's corner in the living room.

Great food and beer!

We have a modern newly renovated kitchen with a super chef. Nice barman too.


Dozens of more or less demanding tourist circuits. Lots of known peaks.

Skiing and cycling

In winter, cross-country trails starting at the guest house. In summer, countless cycling or roller skiing circuits.


Thanks to the high altitude, the local ponds are in good condition, even in summer.