Dear Visitors,

you are probably in the middle of beautiful forested nature, the highest part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, in the protected landscape area of Žďárské vrchy and you are thinking which of the attractions you will visit first. If you are unsure, you can start here. Believe that everyone can really do their thing.

Tourism and interesting places

The surroundings of Fryšava are full of hiking trails with stops at important places. If it is warm, plan a trip through the forest - we have the largest and densest in the Highlands. are a good helper. Remember that you are at 700 m.n.m.

  • The tops of Proected land scape area Žďárské vrchy are described below.
  • Coffee bar and Coffee roasting house Hofr (11 km / car 13 min) - local roasted coffee. It is in the village Blatiny.
  • Stříbrná studánka (6 km / walk 1:43 hour) - one of the springs of river Svratka. Walk through a beautiful forest.
  • Samotín / Krátká (7 km / pešky 2h) - in the footsteps of the Czech film "Obušku z pytle ven!" Yes, this beautiful fairy tale was filmed here. Among other things, you will find beautiful nature here. In the village of Krátká there is a village monument reserve (folk architecture). For children there is a fairytale nature trail. You can plan the walk either in the direction of: Medlov - Podmedlovský mlýn - Kadov - Krátká - Samotín or forests with a slightly more demanding route: Břímovka - Blatka - Samotín - Krátká.
  • Křižánky (14 km / car 16 min) - village monument reserve, preserved timbered buildings.
  • Blatiny (12 km / car 16 min) - equestrian club, coffee roasting house.
  • Zvole (28 km / car 34 min) - Western city.
  • Tři Studně (2 km / walk 20 min) - rope and climbing center, summer cinema.
  • Vysočina aréna (7,5 km / car 11 min) - in-line skating, picture nature trail, skiing, singletracks.
  • Jimramov (19 km / car 21 min) - the tomb of the Belcredians, the chateau, the birthplace of the Mrštík brothers and the writer Jan Karafiát.
  • Fairytale village Podlesí (9,7 km / car 12 min) - children fairytale village.
  • Combine hiking with mushrooming -  yes here are! The main mushroom season is here from mid-summer to October.

Historical monuments

  • Church of sv. Jan Nepomucký na Zelené hoře (13,7 km / 19 min) - Žďár nad Sázavou, monument of UNESCO, beautiful view of the city. The grass around the church is newly grazed by sheep.
  • Chateau Žďár nad Sázavou (13,7 km / 19 min) - Cistercian monastery from the 13th century.
  • Castel Pernštejn (41 km / 46 min) - Although a longer journey, but it's really worth it. It is one of the best preserved (and most visited) Gothic castles in Moravia. Along the way, don't forget to visit the Zubštejn ruins, which have a common history with Pernštejn Castle.


We don't have the Alps here at the moment, but never mind. Experienced climbers and occasional climbers will enjoy themselves. The most popular peaks include:

  • Devět skal 836 m.a.s.l. (7 km from the accommodation) - only one meter lower than the highest peak of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.
  • Žákova hora 810 m.a.s.l. (7 km) - one of the oldest nature reserves in the Czech Republic, the original forest.
  • Čtyři palice 732 m.a.s.l. (13 km) - a group of three rock formations.
  • Malínská skála 811 m.a.s.l. (8,7 km) - individual rocks are up to 20 m. 
  • Drátenická skála 775 m.a.s.l. (8 km)
  • Pasecká skála 819 m.a.s.l. (4,3 km) - along the way you can visit rybník Medlov and Podmedlovský mlýn.
  • Via Ferraty Jezerní stěna and Velká Věž (28 km /car 35 min) - two via ferrats (B a B/C) suitable for children. Vírská přehrada is close.
  • Harusův kopec 741 m.n.m. (8,9 km) - Beautiful view of Nové město na Moravě. It is near by Vysočina aréna - Biatlon stadium. In the winter, there is skiing center with ski lift (double seat).

To swim!

You are in a region full of ponds. So there is no shortage of beautiful places to swim. In addition to natural swimming pools, the city swimming pools are also within easy driving distance.

  • Rybník Medlov (from the guesthouse 2 km / 20 min) - The pond is in the middle of forests, so there is a good chance that the water quality will last all summer. The sandy beach is freely accessible from the hotel. There is rental - popular paddle boards and pedal boats. Photos of the pond can be found on the our home pages.
  • Rybník Sykovec (from the guesthouse 4 km / 40 min) - is in the immediate vicinity of the Medlov pond. Water quality will should improve, because the pond will be without fish for two years. At the pond is the famous camp Sykovec. Details here.
  • Rybník Milovy (11 km) - smaller of the ponds. In high season you risk a greater concentration of tourists. The advantage is the grassy shores.
  • Rybník Pilák (14 km / by car 18 min) - newly renovated complex. Multifunctional playground, bike paths, outdoor gym, beach volleyball, many playgrounds, disc golf and much more. Details here.
  • Rybník Velké Dářko (24 km / by car 28 mim) - Windsurfers' paradise. You can rent both windsurfing and sailing equipment at the rental shop. Details on the website of the local yacht club here
  • City spa Nové Město na Moravě (12 km / by car 15 min) - Details here.
  • Water paradise Žďár nad Sázavou (12,7 km / by car 12 min) - Details here

Do you like cycling?

  • SingleTracks (7 km / by bike 30 min) - A very popular location is located directly in the area of the Biathlon Stadium. Different levels of MTB trails. You can pick up a map of the area from us. Details here.
  • MTB a Gravel rounds - expand the single track network. Details of individual circuits you can found here
  • Pumptrack race - In 2019, the Vysočina arena opened a "pumptrack" track for lovers of cross-country cycling. Details here
  • Road circuits - Those who want to get to know Vysočina on road bikes or just want to exchange the MTB for a road can use these circuits. All circuits start in the Vysočina arena, where the appropriate facilities are prepared for cyclists - service, bike washing, test center. Details here

Do you like skiing?

Then, you are right here. We are a cross-country skiing paradise. One of the most interesting areas for cross-country skiing If you only enjoy downhill skiing, it does not matter. We also have several ski slopes.

  • Cross - country skiing - A cross-country trail that leads to the "Fryšavský ledovec" (it is Glacier) starts right next to our guesthouse. This is a place that will never betray skiers. So far, skiing has been done here every winter. If that's not enough for you here, security is the Vysočina arena - outside the race dates it is open to the public. 
  • Skimaps a track condition (snowmobile) - details here
  • Cross - country Nové město na Moravě details here.
  • Cross - country Žďár nad Sázavou details here.
  • Downhill skiing There are no large downhill ski centers in the Vysočina region, but we have a few beautiful slopes here. 
  • Harusův kopec (9 km / by car 12 min) - "chair lift", the ski slope is 550 m long. Details here.
  • Jimramov (14,7 km / by car 18 min) - "anchor" cable car, the ski slope is 500 m long. Details here.  
  • Dalečín (27 km / by car 32 min) - "anchor" cable car, the ski slope is 500 m long. Details here.
  • Roller skis / skates (trails start in the immediate vicinity of the pension) - Try, there are ideal trails.